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Delphine lives in Barcelona, where she uses her camera to capture the small moments that make up the city around her. What is striking with Delphine is that she's got an eye for leading lines, lightings and a sensibility for the beautiful things surrounding her.

Growing up in Manosque, Provence (France), she quickly discovered a passion for the golden Provençale light – and the way her parents photographed nature and her childhood with their own analogue cameras. 

After choosing the field of Journalism (Reporter) to study at Studio M - Montpellier, Delphine went on to develop a diverse portfolio of corporate and event photography, and a passionate catalogue of personal work made of nature, portraits and landscapes collections. As she continued to be more interested into visuals, she went on studying visual communication and Web Design in order to develop her skills in Editing and Web.

Delphine has lived from 2007 till 2016 in Amsterdam, working in the media and online marketing industries and finally to redirecting herself towards Photography, her first love.

In September 2012 she became Photo Specialist at Amsterdam, a brand new position for the corporation, that she brought up until composing and training a team of International Photo Editors, Freelance Photographers, and where she strengthened her visual acuity as well as her technical skills in the specialisms of Travel and Interior Photography for the next 4 years.

This is in September 2016 that she decided to start anew by changing her life and moving to Barcelona. Since then she has been freelancing in the domain of Travel Photography for companies likes Withlocals, MeetJune and Triple; in the Photography Real-Estate field for names like Kasa Pisos, Kaufmann & Winkel as well as Gaelleesque/Flat Hunter Barcelona and for other clients like Bida app taking Cocktail and Venue shots.

Constantly seeking new opportunities all over Spain she has a particular interest in photographing interiors, properties, travel guides/experiences and products.

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